Facility Protection

MRO Supplies for City Facilities

Municipalities have a wide range of buildings across departments that require facility protection. Some need only the most basic, simple protection, while others call for much more complex facility equipment. Between the EPA and OSHA, cities adhere to a variety of laws and regulations concerning employee and facility safety.

The most efficient way to protect municipal buildings is to provide the necessary MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Operations) equipment to all departments. Regardless of the need, Clarion Municipal has MRO supplies to fit the situation.

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Spill Containment Requirements

Spill Containment ProductsSome departments work with hazardous chemicals and other liquids that require specific secondary containment procedures. Fleet Maintenance uses oil and fuel on a regular basis. Parks and Recreation need fertilizers and pesticides to care for landscaping across the city. Building Management requires cleaners and other HAZMATs across many of their responsibilities. The EPA issues a number of regulations concerning the secondary spill containment requirements of oil and other hazardous liquids into waterways and local ecosystems.

Clarion Municipal provides Spill Containment facility equipment that meets all EPA standards. Spill pallets support 55 gallon drums of most chemicals, providing facility protection for employees and buildings. Berms work underneath equipment to prevent leaks or spills from spreading beyond a safe area. Absorbent spill kits safely soak up oil or other chemicals, offering both protection and proper disposal equipment.

Facility Equipment for Protection

With the appropriate safety equipment, city buildings can be protected and city employees can do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Even something as simple as wall bumpers and corner guards can make a difference, preventing damage to machinery and the building itself. The right safety cabinets for flammable materials keep buildings in OSHA compliance and give employees peace of mind. From cable protectors to welding curtains, facility protection requires the right Industrial Supplies for every job.

Spill ContainmentClarion Municipal can supply city and county facilities and departments with most MRO supplies for safety available on the market. Safety Rails, Barrier Systems, and Guards can protect as well as provide a perimeter demarcation. Garages and repair facilities can implement more complex cranes, ladders, and lifts to safely operate and move large equipment. In case of an HAZMAT accident, emergency showers and eye washes can be installed. Facility protection, both indoors and outdoors, makes use of column and bollard protectors to safeguard the building and its employees, vehicles, and other equipment. Whatever the facility protection or equipment need, we either have it or can find it.

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  • Problem: Potential Damage and Hazards, Non-Compliance
  • Solutions: Prevention with Facility Protection Equipment, Secondary Containment, Safety Measures
  • Results: Beautiful looking building that lasts longer and is in compliance
  • Products:
    Spill Pallets
    Spill Berms
    Spill Kits
    Guards, Railings, and Bollards
  • Industrial Supplies:
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