Technical solutions from One Clarion work across a variety of municipal applications. Stormwater runoff has become a major concern in many cities within the last few years, while flooding can be a problem across counties and states. Streetscaping is important to any urban or suburban area. Lagoons, rivers, and lakes are mainstays in many towns, so floating plants and debris, as well as dredging, are concerns. All municipalities deal with facility protection, keeping their employees and residents safe.

If your city has other needs or application requirements, Contact Us to see how we can help.

water dredging

Water Dredging

Dredging and Silt Containment
stormwater runoff

Stormwater Runoff

Filtration and Liquid Storage


Sediment Control and Construction
Wildfire Preparation and Home Defense

Wildfire Preparation

Water Storage and Fire Gel
erosion control after wildfire

Erosion Control After Wildfire

Sediment Control and Runoff
Floating Plants

Floating Debris and Plants

Containment and Remediation
bollard protectors

Facility Protection

Spill Containment and Industrial Supplies


Prevention and Clean Up
Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting

Water Storage and Fire Supression


Fish Farming Tanks and Hydroponic Farming
Emergency Water Storage

Emergency Water Storage

Water Storage Tanks