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We carry a variety of products ranging from water storage and dewatering to sediment control and industrial supplies.
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portable water trailer

Liquid Storage

Water Tanks and Water Trailers
dewatering bag


Storm Drain Filters and Dewatering Bags
coir log around a palm

Sediment Control

Geotextiles, Straw, and Coir Products
floating turbidity barriers

Floating Barriers

Turbidity Curtains and Debris Boom
spill containment berm

Spill Containment

Berms, Spill Kits, and Pallets
industrial supplies

Industrial Supplies

Furnishings and Equipment
portable incinerators

Emergency Preparedness Supplies

Flood Protection and Incinerators
seabin trash collector


Floating Trash Collector

Municipal Departments

Clarion Municipal has several department categories with a range of compliance solutions for your city or county.
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Water Management

Control stormwater and wastewater in your municipality with filtration products.

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Building Management

Maintain and protect your civic buildings with industrial supplies for spill containment and facility protection.

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Transport Infrastructure

Maintain and repair your roads, bridges, railways, and marinas with site-specific supplies.

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Emergency Management

Keep your community safe with emergency preparedness and recovery supplies for disasters.

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Parks and Recreation

Keep your parks beautiful with landscaping and sediment control supplies.

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Fleet Maintenance

Maintain your fleet with cleaning, compliance, and spill protection products.

Municipal Products

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