Marina Trash Collector Applications

Want a Seabin at Your Location? How To Keep Trash at Bay

Close your eyes. Picture a dockside location full of plastics, cigarette butts, discarded pieces of trash, and marine debris. What if there were a marina trash collector device that could remove all the litter from the water in that location, keeping the natural foot traffic and human interaction, while maintaining a pristine, plastic-free experience?

Marina trash collectors have a wide variety of location applications and uses. These marine debris solutions control plastic pollution, marine litter, and debris in a marina, harbor, or canal that could require special equipment. Marine debris solutions like these require regular maintenance and attention to ensure they're working properly in whatever location or application they are used.

Marina trash collectors like the Seabin can capture and trap floating marine litter in the calm waters of docks, marinas, and harbors. Marina trash collectors take in polluted water through a pump, catching floating marine litter, and release water free of debris back.

Watch how a Seabin works below:

One Clarion is a US distributor of the Seabin marina trash collector, made to catch and contain marine litter on floating and fixed docks. Do you know of a location that could use a Seabin? Read on to find out if any of these locations apply to your situation.

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Where Can a Seabin Bring the Most Benefit?

Restaurants and Bars

Dockside restaurantDockside restaurants and bars have constant foot traffic and human interaction with surrounding waterways. Do you have a bar or restaurant where diners can dock their boat right against your establishment? Having debris and trash-filled water will deter restaurant goers from frequenting your business unless you have a viable way to keep trash at bay. A floating Seabin is a great way to control any trash that might end up in the water near your restaurant or bar.

Resorts and Hotels

Tropical resort jettyResorts, hotels, and other entertainment businesses on the water that cater to large amounts of people will notice an influx of trash in their bodies of water. Cleaning up this trash will be imperative when keeping people coming back to your business. Floating Seabins can be installed in multiple locations at your hotel or resort to work to make sure all trash access points are taken care of. If you have small lakes or springs that are filled with trash and debris, having a floating trash collector to corral the plastic in one place ensure your business looks impressive.

Yacht clubs

Floating yacht club dockYacht clubs that have busy marinas are the last stop pollutants make before entering the open ocean. If you have regular access to a yacht club marina you know just how much debris can be trapped there. As marine litter and stormwater runoff brings pollutants to yacht club harbors, having a reliable way to divert and catch these pollutants with a marina trash collector will be imperative. Mobile Seabins are ideal for yacht clubs as they are attached to floating docks and need a dedicated staff to maintain them, which yacht clubs already have.

Home Owners Associations

Homes around man-made pondHome owners associations maintain the private manmade lakes, ponds, rivers, and other waterways in their community. These waterways are channels that can carry pollutants into large bodies of water, affecting wildlife and other ecosystems. Having a marina trash collector Seabin for calm water areas under the control of an HOA will greatly reduce the amount of pollution in the water and make the general environment healthier and more attractive.

Stormwater Municipal Departments

Municipal damStormwater municipal departments have a unique position when it comes to controlling marine litter. These departments control the flow of city water as it goes from street corners, to treatment centers, and back into the public's general location. Controlling marine litter requires a way to both divert and collect marine debris before it contaminates the water supply. Solutions to this could be a sea garbage collector in marinas and municipal waterways like canals and lagoons. Water management departments are also subject to strict state and federal regulations regarding water pollution. A sea garbage collector helps stormwater municipal departments stay in compliance.

Private Parks

Private dock in a parkDo you own a private park? You may be held responsible for keeping the park's waterways clear and free from plastics and pollutants that could be left behind from other park goers and other effects of pollution. Keeping a nature preserve or private park's water ways in pristine condition is a task that would require regular checks and maintenance. When calm waterways where boats dock and people frolic are left unattended, they will develop plastic pollution and marine debris that will negatively impact the environment. Regularly maintaining a marina trash collector will ensure that parks are clean.

Environmental Centers

Nature preserve walkwayEnvironmental learning centers have their finger of the pulse of pollution issues in the community. This unique opportunity to take care of an environmental preserve or protected location while creating awareness about environmental issues, brings communities together and changes the way they approach the environment. Sea garbage trash collectors like the Seabin are helpful awareness tools that environmental centers can use to accomplish these goals. Marina trash collectors will provide environmental learning centers with tools to reach a broader audience.

Higher Education Centers

Fountains at universityHigh schools, state colleges, or universities will often have outreach programs and hands-on projects for students to gain more knowledge while on campus. For students, learning more about plastic pollution and marine debris solutions, a great educational tool is a floating sea garbage collector like the Seabin. It also is an excellent sponsorship opportunity for universities and schools. Is there a place on campus that could benefit from a Seabin? We want to hear from you.

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