Seabin Corporate Sponsorship Initiatives

Brand Awareness with a Floating Trash Skimmer

Are you looking for an avenue of positive awareness for your business's brand? Consider a Seabin corporate sponsorship for a location in need of plastic cleanup. A Seabin is a floating trash skimmer that takes debris and plastics from calm water locations and keeps them in a catch bag until they can be recycled. The Seabin is powered by a pump to take in the polluted water and send clean water back into the body of water.

Are you someone who's interested in a Seabin corporate sponsorship for a location in need of a clean up solution? We can connect you with organizations, businesses, and municipalities that could benefit from a Seabin on their property. However, before we put these Seabins in their needed locations and consider the Seabin cost, there are some questions that need to be answered.

One Clarion is a distributor of the Seabin in the US, and we're eager to set up interested businesses with corporate sponsorship information for docks and harbors in need of a water pollution solution. Are you interested in using a Seabin to raise your brand's awareness? We can get you information about Seabin cost and best practices.

Contact us to learn more about a corporate sponsorship, or watch our Seabin video below to see how the floating trash skimmer really works.

What is Your Brand Awareness Initiative Goal?

Seabin project branding in waterWhat's the goal with your brand awareness initiative? Is this around an environmental issue that a Seabin could be useful for? Seabins have been a popular education and awareness tool for communities and schools because of their usefulness and sleek design.

On average, one Seabin floating trash skimmer has the capability to capture 1.4 tons of floating trash and debris per year. When considering a brand awareness initiative, a positive public relations outreach with a Seabin corporate sponsorship is a great opportunity.

Where Do You Want These Seabins to be Installed?

Depending on your brand, you might want to consider where your Seabin corporate sponsorship will be located. Seabins can be used in calm waters by dockside businesses and in harbors or marinas.

Top view of Seabin in marinaAre you focusing your brand awareness initiative outreach in a more educational arena or in something more entertainment related? There are several options for you to consider. Seabin floating trash skimmer can be used in a variety of locations and areas depending on a few key factors.

Generally, Seabins need two things: a viable power source and regular maintenance. Seabin trash collector price will be determined by these installation and maintenance factors. We can help you determine the best types of places that your Seabin corporate sponsorship can thrive.

Is Branding on the Seabin Important to You?

A large part of gaining exposure and positive public relations through a brand awareness initiative is having your branding on or around the initiative or product you're sponsoring or promoting. There are several considerations when dealing with a corporate sponsorship of a Seabin in this light. Let us know your thoughts on branding and logos, and we can discuss your options.

What Maintenance Plan Are You Interested In?

Seabin full of trashSeabins need to be regularly maintained in order to function properly. Depending on the amount of trash and debris in a given area, a Seabin might have to be emptied one or several times per day. Seabins can operate 24 hours per day and 365 days per year if properly maintained. If your organization can't physically maintain the Seabins you sponsor, no problem. We can set your Seabins up with a maintenance plan that fits your needs. For more information on Seabin trash collector price, contact us.

One Clarion is committed to pairing your corporate sponsorship initiative with a location in need of a Seabin floating trash skimmer.

Contact us to find out what maintenance options exist and how your brand awareness initiative can come true.

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